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People swept mines for ages... but now things have changed!

Downbreak brings back elements of the classic Minesweeper with a modernized design with retro graphics, different & challenging new game mechanics and humorous presentation.

This time there will be gravity. The bombs will fall and stack as you make your way down through over 300 challenging levels. Try to uncover the secret that lies in the foundations of the ancient towers and go back home with the treasure... if you can!


Over 300 campaign levels featuring refreshing gameplay mechanics as you progress.

Loads of magic items to use at your advantage.

Plenty of random minigames (13 in total) to get rewarded for your skills.

3 Unlockable extra modes in addition to the Campaign Mode

- Classic Mode: Play a wide variety of maps just like in the classic game!
- Challenge Mode: Clear the level before the timer runs out and without dying!
- Infinite Mode: Test your patience and focus reaching as far as you can in the infinite towers.

Online leaderboards: Try to beat your friends' scores in any of the game modes and get your place in the leaderboards!

Minimum system requirements:

Windows operating system
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz
Nvidia 9400GT or equivalent
256mb ram
16:9 aspect ratio recommended.


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